Summer 2008 - Summer 2009
Zoe - Public space art-project, curated by Misha Shenbrot
together BIOS (Bürgerinitiative Oderbergerstrasse Berlin)
August 2008 
Love, Death, Soul, Life
at the Frans Masereel Centrum in Belgium

The project, LOVE DEATH LIFE SOUL is a group meeting of artists – Tania Bedrinana (Peru); Dustyn Bork (U.S.); Markus Gutmann (Germany); Lou Joseph (U.S.); Michael Markwick (Netherlands); Mary Robinson (U.S.); and Misha Shenbrot (Russia/Israel). The seven artists will work on 8 compilations of graphic work in various print-mediums dealing with the overarching themes of Love, Life, Death, Soul which are narratives and themes that run through all the participating artists main work. The group will work together for 3 weeks at the Frans Masereel Centrum. discussing and working together and individually. The work will be presented in The Netherlands, Belgium, Berlin, Germany, South America, North America, and other sites.